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SHAYNE Releases New EP 'Most Doubted'

SHAYNE Releases New EP 'Most Doubted'

SHAYNE and his mixtape producer, Kid Ocean come together for "Astro", one of the few singles off their 10-track mixtape. Shayne delivers a message – success takes a lot of work and a winner mentality. That’s not something a life coach can teach. “Sometimes we got no control what happens every day, them shitty and them gritty thoughts that are left up in your brain” is as real as can be. He obviously stretches his abilities on his mic, as the track covers the self-defeating attitudes we get accustomed to while giving us the alternative to look forward to the next day. The doubters should serve as a motivation for everyone who strives for good and maybe even greatness cuz the obstacles are getting greater as you are. Being young and gifted can be a blessing and a challenge where you need to go outside your comfort zone to reach success.

Being stuck in the middle means being stuck in your issues which might all be in your head. Toxic relationships can be an issue which takes becoming a man to be able to just get over them. Sometimes you have to let the events unfold and roll with the punches life gives us. This is where SHAYNE finds an outlet to share what he managed to accomplish and has a reason to be proud for. He drops some knowledge on this track with rhymes that are a good combo all the way, including the hook. The track is produced by Kid Ocean as part of their collaborative album – Most Doubted.

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