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St. Wave Drops New Project Titled 'Troposphere Vol. 1'

St. Wave Drops New Project Titled 'Troposphere Vol. 1'

On Live Evil, St. Wave drops some introspective facts he’s probably understood at a too young age. An artist that’s not afraid to give you a sneak-peek into his minds internal struggle – but you begin to wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes. You might have to rewind this track at some lines to get his point, as he’s obviously an open-minded MC that requires his fans to understand what he’s about while getting his message across.

The track gets a creepy groove in the second verse, as he acknowledges his vices to be the necessary evil of going through every day and every night. It’s hard not to relate to how our conscience exaggerates what happens when you’re in party mode the morning after or while being at the after party, trying to come down off the trip. It might even turn out to be the thing that stops us from striving, and that doesn’t only go for partying or getting high – it goes for everything we experience in a surrounding where vices are the norm. But St. Wave knows “the evils that be” aren’t only due to what we see and do, but what we choose to do. Admitting it is the first step and might be just as hard as overcoming your issues and keeping your balance. Putting a creative spin and great wordplay make this track stand out, as well as the rich instrumental and production. Its obvious Jay Villa put some extra work on this, especially where St. Wave is putting up a fight with his evil side. Don’t be mislead by his take on this, it’s not all about the title. Live vs. evil is actually a battle where the latter usually prevails, and that’s reality and not a negative attitude.

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