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We at Upcoming Hip Hop believe every upcoming artist and producer deserves the chance to get their music heard. We also believe that artists and producers should get paid for their work. We started in 2011 just sharing music on social media and hosting contests for artists. Although that was great, we quickly learned that we could support upcoming artists and producers in a larger way. We started incorporating interviews to the site so that fans (new and old) could get a deeper look into the artist's background. Since then, we had added video (interviews, cyphers, in the studio web-series), premieres, album reviews, advice/opinion articles, news, and events to the Upcoming Hip Hop brand. Don't worry, we aren't stopping there. We want to be more than your average "Hip-Hop Blog." We now offer marketing & PR services for artists and producers. We want to work directly with you so that you look professional online and get your music can be heard by the masses. One of the reasons we have been so successful is our community. The people (artists, producers, fans, promoters, DJs, etc.) that engage with us and believe in our movement have been incredible so far. We couldn't have done it without you. As we move into the future, we hope to work with all of you that are trying to make a positive impact on the world with your music. Music really does have the power to save and change lives. Why can't it be ours?

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Meet Our Team

Matt O - Founder & Owner

Twitter: @boardinogilvie | Instagram: @boardinogilvie

Matt O Upcoming Hip Hop

Bio: I created Upcoming Hip Hop when I was a senior in college to keep track of all the new songs and artists I was finding at the time but turned into something so much more than that. Upcoming artists are my favorite to listen to because they have passion, ambition, and are untouched by fame and fortune. I honestly believe that an artist's best work comes in their first few projects once they find their sound and style. After living my whole life (and going to college) in Wisconsin, I decided to move to New York City and chase my dreams of being someone who can break artists into the industry. There is no better place to do that than where it all started, New York City. Since moving to NYC, I have met so many talented artists and have really established myself as someone who can elevate artists to the next level. I don't believe in competition, only collaboration. We are all here trying to make it so let's help each other get there.

Nicola - Contributing Writer

Twitter: @nicola_jdavies | Instagram: @n_j_davies 

Nicola DaviesI am a 26 year old, born and bred Londoner who has recently moved to New York for a change of scenery. I am immensely proud to be from London but the sheer energy of this city seduced me to the point that I had to make the move and live here for real. Immersing myself into the NYC hip hop scene, I can see how little grime music has made a dent, even as its success keeps growing in the UK. But trust me when I say that it’s making its way over; this is the year grime comes to the US. I’m incredibly excited to be in this city, at this time, surrounded by the huge number of talented artists that are making it happen for themselves. Having grown-up listening to hip hop and RnB from both sides of the Atlantic, I look forward to building the bridge between British and American sounds.

Isaac - Contributing Writer & Photographer

Twitter: @ifo531 | Instagram: @ifo531

Isaac - Contributing Writer & Photographer

Bio: My name is Isaac Ford, I am a transplant to the Twin Cities currently living in St. Paul. I moved to the Twin Cities for work, but more importantly to immerse myself in the music and culture of the Metro. Striving to always see both sides of a worldview I graduated with a degree in Physics (working as a AutoCAD drafter) and sought out an artistic view by beginning photography and journalism.

Join Our Team

We are always looking for more people who can bring value to our brand. If you are interested, please email: matt@upcominghiphop.net. If you are in writing for us, please email: isjones@upcominghiphop.net