We want to help you get your music heard.

Why Upcoming Hip Hop?

Upcoming Hip Hop has had the same goal since we started in 2011; promote and help upcoming artists. Outside of artists, we have been working with some of the fastest-growing brands in the industry and are ready to use our connections and skills to help you. We believe there is enough room at the top for all of us but we will only get there by collaborating and working hard. 

The biggest mistake an artist can make is not promoting their project. Without promotion, your music won't reach its full potential. We will work directly with you so that your music gets the exposure it deserves. Our expertise allows us to help artists at any level of their career. We have worked with artists who are just starting out to artists who have sold out shows. Each stage of your career brings new challenges but there are endless options to market your music in the internet age.

As the music industry changes, we need to keep up with trends and techniques for getting music to new audiences. We found that videos are the best and quickest way to grab a new fan's attention online. That's why we have switched our focus to the promotion of music videos because we can drive results. Our campaign is built to get your video in front of new fans that can become life-long supporters.

Music Video Promotion Campaign includes:

  • Advertising campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Creation of professional email pitch
  • Email blast to 200+ blogs


  • Our team is knowledgeable in all aspects of the music industry. We can help you build a social media strategy, marketing plan for your next project, distributing your music, or you can just ask us anything.

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Current Clients

TruthCity - Brooklyn, NYwww.mrtruthcity.comSoundcloud.com/mrtruthcity

Noetic - Ohio - Facebook.com/OfficalNoetic | Soundcloud.com/PoeticNoetic

Past Clients

D. Green - Bronx, NYwww.dgreenmusic.comYoutube.com/DGreenVEVO

NET - South FloridaTwitter.com/NetRapsSoundcloud.com/netraps

Cliz - Bradenton, Florida - Twitter.com/ItsClizzy | www.itsclizzy.com

Chocolate Brown - Brooklyn, NY - Twitter.com/ChocolateBrown_Soundcloud.com/exileddynamic

Kid Named NOVA - Brooklyn, NY - Twitter.com/KidNamedNOVASoundcloud.com/kidnamednova

PowerKingsMusic (Producer) - Bronx, NY - Twitter.com/powerkingsmusicwww.powerkingsmusic.net

Timaal Bradford - Mississippi - Twitter.com/timaal_bradfordwww.timaalbradford.com

Chad Michael - Los Angeles, CA - www.chadmichaelsound.com | Soundcloud.com/chadmichaelsound

fortysvnNashville, TNwww.fortysvnflows.comSoundcloud.com/fortysvn

Roy the Savage - Brooklyn, NY - Twitter.com/RoyTheSavageSoundcloud.com/roythesavage

NoMad - Brooklyn, NYTwitter.com/Nomad_NateSoundcloud.com/nomadnate

MC Genesis - Appleton, WI - Facebook.com/mcgenesis920Soundcloud.com/mcgenesis920

Deuce Ellis - Hawaii - www.deuceellis.comSoundcloud.com/deuceellis

Joe Nance - Bay Area, CA - www.avidroots.com | Soundcloud.com/avidroots

FEEKI - Reno, NV - Facebook.com/OfficialFeeki | Soundcloud.com/feeki

Paco the G Train Bandit - Queens, NY - www.pacdiggity.com | Soundcloud.com/pacdiggity