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Vinny Virgo - "Alexus" Video

"My dad used to have 'a Lexus' when i was about 5 years old so thats where the reference of that comes in. 'Alexus' just happens to be a female im telling a story of me having wild experience with. Not actually saying that currently drive a Lexus vehicle. Im explaining 2 different but similar times of my life using the car brand name my dad used to have at 5 and a girls name at 25." - Vinny Virgo

In his latest psychedelic journey, LA via Florida wordsmith Vinny Virgo takes a trip to a California desert with a teddy bear, a mistress & a gorilla who all may or may not be real. Find out how the journey ends for yourself in this energetic visual for 'Alexus' which was featured on the "Don't Forget To Play EP" - It’s another hard-hitting record from Virgo, who has been putting together a really solid string of releases dating back to last year. Directed By Justin Butts & Hydreams, Shot By Justin Butts.

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