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Tyrone - "Get Used To It"

For the past month Tyrone has been locked in a studio in South Sydney (Australia) working day and night on new material in the lead up to his next release '2'. This latest instalment of the mixtape series (3, 2, 1) truly shows Tyrone in a new light as a talented songwriter who can craft together catchy hooks and flows alongside a sonically exciting beat. He has for years been the underdog of the Sydney rap scene but over the past 6 months his rise has been solidified and now is on the way to being a household name.

His newly found hook flow is also something to be admired especially in 'Get Used To It'. He intentionally leaves space between words which brings such a catchy and memorable edge to the music. Many artists feel the need to leave minimal space with lyrical flow but as we know with many things in life, less is more and Tyrone is showing us that in the most exciting way possible through his music.

Post '2' being released he is moving towards his last release of the year being '1'. We know there is rumours of him planning to work with some of Australia's most reputable hip hop and rap producers so we can only imagine this is an artist who is going to propel to new heights by 2017.

Checkout "Get Used To It" above and get familiar with Tyrone.

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