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[Audio] TheRealAGE - "Way Way Way Up"

[Audio] TheRealAGE - "Way Way Way Up"

It’s almost an accepted fact that melodies are now needed to make rap hits today. While this fact certainly has drawn its fair share of detractors, Bosnian emcee “TheRealAGE” seems to have gravitated towards it, using it to craft a sound and style as unique as his story. Born in Bosnia, TheRealAGE moved to the US in 1997 as a refugee of the Yugoslavian War.

2010 was when RealAGe first took to rap. Since the, he (along with a collectie known as Covalent Bond) opened up Switchboard Studios in 2013. Since then, TheRealAGE has been fine tuning his production and emceeing skills to create his first album entitled “I Made This In My Sweatpants” which was released earlier this year.

Knowing this bit of insight of the rapper’s past makes it easier to feel him sing triumphantly “i’m Way, way, way up!”

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