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[New Music] Roy The Savage - 'The Giving Tree' LP

[New Music] Roy The Savage - 'The Giving Tree' LP

Roy the Savage was born and raised in the birthplace of hip-hop, New York City. Growing up in a Dominican household in East New York, Brooklyn has made him the confident, talented artist he is today. You can definitely hear the city’s influence in his music too. His style has been shaped by the golden era of hip-hop of the 1990's and NY’s greats. Roy the Savage isn’t your typical rapper either. His music is infused with poetry and soul creating a new sound many haven’t heard before. Outside of music, Roy dedicates his life to his community running projects that help young people and on a larger scale challenge New York City policies. His main goal is to travel the world, play music, connect people, promote peace, and spread love.

On August 3, 2016 Roy The Savage released his latest project, The Giving Tree. The 13 track LP only features 3 artists (who are all very good friends with Roy) and a handful of producers. The Giving Tree has a little bit of everything for everyone as well. He has summertime hits, serious tracks, poetry, and more. The Giving Tree will take you on an adventure and tell his story over the next 45 minutes. He did a great job putting together this project. It flows nicely and is a good listen front to back. My favorite tracks on the project are "Halo Wassup" "4XF" and "#iHateCancer". Roy is not one to follow trends either. He makes unique, soulful music. I was able to sit in on a few studio sessions and I can tell you that his music comes from a good place. Roy and his friends have fun in the studio. That's what this is all for right?

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