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[Album Review] 'Mankind: Tough Love' - SciryL and !LLumiN@TE

[Album Review] 'Mankind: Tough Love' - SciryL and !LLumiN@TE

In a game where most are are feigning to welcome this new age rap with songs that lack luster and meaning, ManKind brings creativity and authenticity back to the genre that I have grown to love. The Harlemite duo is back with another head knocker and this time it's entitled Mankind: Tough Love. One dope blend of lyricism, fluid storytelling and raw honesty, the 14 track project is peppered with features (all dope might I add!) that gives this album a nice flavor. The album starts with the end of a relationship that isn't working, through being single & into being in another relationship that's successful. Constructing songs and executing concepts that will put some of their peers to shame ManKind, paints pictures of relationship highs, woes and everything that goes into this thing called love.

"I said I love her but I don't really love her I just want her stay..." the duo chants in a very relatable track featuring Faro Z called "Tough Love." The song tells a story of a couple going through hardships and the hardships eventually becoming the demise of their relationship. "Tough Love" let's you into the minds of men who are hesitant to let their lady go despite the woes they put each other through. Another favorite called "Black Chyna" ft. Fendi has a similar concept to "Tough Love." It speaks about that love high you're on when first getting into a relationship; where you feel like nothing can go wrong and then problems come into play. "Playing pretend only leads to broken homes/ love child extorted for child support that no one owes..." Is sadly the reality that some people live today and Fendi gave life to their feelings all in one verse.

"G.L.O.W" which is an acronym for 'Good Lord Ooo Wee' features Malique (who blesses the track with his sultry adlibs. Adds a nice touch) and talks about meeting a woman and wanting to get to know her. " a full course meal, no prefix/ shorty got original style, no remix/ no beat switch, black magic yo I'm so bewitched...." I found myself running this one back. I love the vulnerability men show when interested in a woman. At it's best "ManKind: Tough Love" wraps itself in the garments of a classic and the tailoring is perfect. The overall musicality, pairing their ability as a lyricist with a production palette that's nothing short of delightful is a dope project to run back as many times as you'd like.


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