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5 Promising Upcoming Rappers to Watch in 2016

5 Promising Upcoming Rappers to Watch in 2016

Every now and again, I like featuring artists that I think stand out of the crowded industry. These artists have already been featured on the site but need extra shine because of their talent. The music below is what I am looking for when I go through submissions or a track is sent my way. I ended up picking the five below because something about them made me play the track twice whether it's a phenomenal flow, impressive storytelling, an innovative sound, and/or unforgettable track. If you aren't feeling the tracks I posted, make sure to check out the artist's other music. I am positive you will find something you like from these upcoming rappers.

Timaal Bradford - "Ease Up" (Prod By: iDBeatz)

Let's start with Mississippi rapper, Timaal Bradford. He delivers four strong verses over a hard hitting instrumental with "Ease Up". At 24, Timaal has a lot of potential and I can see that in him. Others can see it in him too because he has been getting a lot of love by the indie blogs recently.

Pacchelli - "Word Is"

A lot of people have been comparing 22 year-old Kansas rapper, Pacchelli, to Eminem and I can see why. Because he is white and has a fantastic flow. I don't like comparing artists to others so I was happy to hear he addressed this topic in his second verse of "Word Is".  This young kid has a bright future.

Your Old Droog - "42" (Prod. by Marco Polo)

Your Old Droog is bringing back 90s hip-hop and I couldn't be happier. The New York rapper takes you on a trip to one of the most iconic places in the world, Times Square, with "42". Your Old Droog definitely deserves the title of "one of the hottest rappers in NYC right now".

Felly & GYYPS - "Gorilla"

When I'm not in the mood to listen to endless bars, I want to get wavy to some hip-hop. Felly & GYYPS supply that in "Gorilla" with a mashup of wicked flows.

KOTA The Friend - "Customs"

Very rarely can you find an artist nowadays that is original. We have found one recently and he goes by KOTA The Friend. The producer/rapper from New York City has been putting out nothing but greatness and it is all original. He has a unique sound which is refreshing in an industry that is stuck in a lane.

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