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10 Hip Hop Podcasts You Must Listen To Right Now

10 Hip Hop Podcasts You Must Listen To Right Now

10 Hip Hop Podcasts You Must Listen To Right Now

Within the past few years, an explosion of podcasts ( including Hip Hop Podcasts ) has become as captivating as Netflix binging, maybe even more, streamlining the conversations and debates heard in every arena of media. It is with no surprise then, that hip-hop leads the way in dominating both the culture and our conversations without fail. Whether you’re a fan, an artist, or simply obsessed with the game, here are ten podcasts to add into your rotation.

Rap Radar

Hosted by Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller

As a new addition, this past August Elliott Wilson and Rap Radar partner B.Dot decided to add a podcast to their list of hip-hop achievements, creating unarguably the best podcast hip-hop and rap have to offer. The duo speaks with everyone in the business, new and old -- no one is out of bounds. From Rick Ross to Post Malone, to Lyor Cohen and Swizz Beatz, we hear never before told stories, beefs, and learn secrets of success from hip hop’s titans of industry, plus with Elliott’s famous laugh and B. Dot’s ridiculous research skills, each show is one of a kind. Whether coming up in the industry as an entrepreneur, artist, or journalist, the podcast is a staple for your weekly to-do.

Microphone Check

Hosted by Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Frannie Kelley

Otherwise known as a gift, Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest and Frannie Kelley, a hip-hop journalism beast, have laid down some of the most intriguing interviews and conversations from coveted heavyweights like Nas, Marley Marl, Andre 3000, and more. What makes the podcast so special is the mutual respect and friendship you feel exchanged between the duo and guests through the incredible realness of each conversation. To hear the trials and tribulations and authentic perspectives from your favorite artists, take a listen.

The Encore Radio Show

Hosted by Wize and I.S. Jones

Since March of 2013, The Encore Radio Show has been doing the groundwork to bring in every member in the hip-hop megasphere together in one place. From writers, musicians, fitness gurus, designers, producers, and much more, Wize and I.S. Jones interview the gamut from hip-hop culture and offer down to earth, soul deep interviews for their listeners across the greater New York indie scene. This is one of the Hip Hop Podcasts that musicians, fans, producers, or anyone in hip-hop can enjoy.

Combat Jack

Hosted by Reggie Ossé, Dallas Penn and Premium Pete

Combat Jack, also known as Reggie Ossé, is most well known for his experience in the industry and as co-founder of Loud Speakers Network. Yet it’s the comedic energy and no holds barred delivery among Penn and Premium Pete that create a culminating atmosphere to just kick back and rap about whatever comes to mind regarding life, politics, and hip-hop. For over five years Combat Jack has led some of the most in-depth, inspiring conversations with countless players in the game - J. Cole, Talib Kweli, Vashtie, Young Guru, and more.

I’ll Name This Podcast Later

Hosted By Joe Budden, Marisa Mendez and Rory Farrell

Turn it on and you’ll immediately feel like you’re hanging out, talking all sorts of shit with your friends who except in this case are Joe Budden, Marisa Mendez, and Rory Farrell, usually joined by a charismatic guest. Hip-hop is almost always a frequent guest of conversation, whether through music, the culture, or the battle to be on top. And if you’ve already caught wind of Budden’s constant stream of consciousness on Twitter and more, you can only imagine the amount of uncensored story telling he’s got in store with each episode.

Juan Epstein

Hosted by Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds

Straight out of Hot 97 is one of the longest running podcasts for the thoroughest hip-hop nerds. The legendary Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds have interviewed everyone in and out of the culture from Jay-Z, Chris Rock, Kanye West, Aziz Ansari, Sacha Jenkins, and more offering the perfect cadence between humor and hip-hop. The bi-monthly podcast is ever short of predictable and a must for trivia crazy hip-hop heads.

Tax Season

Hosted by Taxstone

You may know Taxstone from his gloriously vicious Twitter feed, in addition to the numerous podcasts he has guest starred on this very list. Less than a year old, you’ll feel simultaneously offended, yet okay with it as Taxstone never shies away from any topic, thought, or THOT - everything and everyone is up for a honest debate. Part comedy, part current events, and part foolery, the podcast is Taxstone at his best, magnifying his relatability and smooth delivery to keep Tax Season on top with over 30,000 listeners per episode.

The Read

Hosted by Join Kid Fury and Crissle

I was beyond late to the game on “The Read,” a conglomeration of pop culture, hip-hop, and the daily struggles of battling the concrete jungle that is NYC. The brutal honesty shared between best friends turns listeners into addicts - with 80,000 subscribers it’s no wonder they’ve been labeled one of 2015’s most successful podcasts. Their podcast’s success is built on their “reads,” the act of letting someone or something absolutely have it, similar to a roast. Reviewed as a “gift from the shadiest neighborhood of heaven” famous reads include storytelling of Drake’s strip club foolery to the homeless chic that is Yeezy season.

Relationship Goals

Hosted by Danyel Smith & Elliott Wilson

If you haven’t already heard of Danyel Smith and Elliott Wilson, you’re slacking. Wilson, the self proclaimed GOAT of hip-hop, alongside his wife Danyel Smith, the queen of music journalism, hash it out together live to bring us #RelationshipGoals. In addition to their veteran status in the hip-hop universe, Danyel and Elliott are culture enthusiasts. You’ll hear grown, trusted tips not only for your romantic life but for your careers and personal growth. With the addition of their hilariously, refreshing rounds of Name That Tune, these two define Love & Hip-Hop - but the real kind.

The Brilliant Idiots

Hosted by Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz

Frankly I could not think of a better title - the equally pugnant and charismatic Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schultz do more than crack jokes. These two comedic personalities discuss politics, hip-hop, pop culture, and if you know them well, all while talking a whole bunch of crap. With a heavy following the two have begun taping live audiences, offering even more opportunities to be offended and/or scarred in person.

I hope this article on Hip Hop Podcasts gets you excited because we (Upcoming Hip Hop) will be launching our own podcast starting in March. Stay tuned!

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