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[Video] "Going Down" - China Mac ft Dave East

[Video] "Going Down" - China Mac ft Dave East

Brooklyn-born, Chinatown-based China Mac brings in Dave East for a heavy-hitter ride in these streets of NYC. The introduction of the video shows a quote from Hov that reads: "welcome to the melting pot, corners where we selling rocks, Afrika Bambaataa shit, home of the hip hop." I love that China Mac uses this quote because it describes my hometown best. My mother immigrated from Guyana with my grandmother when she was a small child. Growing up, I was able to experience all types of culture and can connect with people of all creeds easily. I also saw the power of dollar before I could speak.

Dave East has no signs of slowing down. I have been blogging about him constantly since the ball dropped. I told readers before and I will say it again; the Harlem lyricist will have one of the best years in the upcoming hip hop world. China Mac is very strategic to partner up with a one of the hottest New York artists out. I now have another banger to play throughout the day. It's most definitely going down!

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