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907’s Own: The Untold Story of the Alaskan Hip-Hop Scene

907’s Own: The Untold Story of the Alaskan Hip-Hop Scene

Written by Matt O @boardinogilvie

When you think of Hip-Hop, you don't really think of Alaska. You think of New York or LA or Chicago. A new documentary, 907’s Own, tells the story of a group of undiscovered rappers and producers with a dream to make it from one of the lesser known pockets - Anchorage, Alaska. The artists featured in the documentary are very talented and have the potential to make it in the industry but they didn't. You will learn to find out why they didn't in the video. It is much harder to create a Hip-Hop scene than to just join one. Living is Alaska, these artists and producers need to create a scene when people expect you to fail. If you live in New York City, you have the opportunity to perform and network every night. (I know, I live there.) I didn't always live in New York though. I am born and raised in Wisconsin, a state that doesn't really have a Hip-Hop scene. Milwaukee's is growing and Madison keeps trying but there hasn't been much traction. So I know the feeling the artists from the 907 are having but I'm sure they aren't as extreme. All in all, the video direction and execution is top notch. All the artists featured are talented and dope too. Now that artists can take advantage of the digital age, it won't be long before a rapper from Alaska makes it big.

Check out more music from the featured artists:
Alkota: @DrumBroker |
Josh Boots:
Alaska Redd: @AlaskaRedd |

From the Album Crude Awakening:
907’s Own »
Sweet Songs »

Download the album here:

Executive Producers: Craig Miller & Mark Hayes
Director: Vinny Verma
Producer: Lucas Santo
Co-Producers: Travis Brady, Marco Patricio, Vinny Verma
Photography: Matthew Wiebe
Additional Photography: Caleb Babcock
Steadicam Operator: Ali Khurshid
Editors: Howie Cheung & Matthew Wiebe
Location Audio & Sound Design: Marco Patricio
Original Composition: Dillon Baldassero
Wardrobe: Loretta MK
Additional Footage: Caroline Hayes & Vasco Vea
1st AC: Scott Watson

Special Thanks:
Stuart Langfield
Joker the Bailbondsman
Cody Liska / Crude Magazine
Alaska Aerial Media
Surreal Studios Anchorage
Sk8 God

907’s Own: The Untold Story of the Alaskan Hip-Hop Scene

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