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[Exclusive] Interview with Devvon Terrell

[Exclusive] Devvon Terrell Talks Weird Sexy Cool, Inspirations, and More

Devvon Terrell is the definition of an artist in the sense that he fits into a few different genres, directs his own music videos, mixes & masters his tracks, and so much more. He definitely likes to have his hands in everything that he creates which helps create a great brand and overall sound & look. Fresh off the release of his new album Weird Sexy Cool, Devvon already has a few great collaborations in the works. He was able to tell us off the record (and off camera) who they are and they are going to be epic. Devvon's versatile and dynamic style make him a great artist to follow because you never know what you are going to get; it could be R&B, Pop, or Hip-Hop.

We were able to link up with him at his studio in Brooklyn, NY to learn more about his album and inspirations.

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[Exclusive] Interview with Devvon Terrell

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