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Shle Berry From Milwaukee

[Video] "From Milwaukee" - Shle Berry

With flows as cold as mid-west winters, Shle Berry introduces us to herself and her hometown of Milwaukee in her latest song, “From Milwaukee.” We got the chance to ask her a few questions about her music and influences. Check it out below.

Start off by telling us who you are & where you’re from?

"I'm Shle Berry, a female hip hop artist from Milwaukee, WI."

When did you first discover your passion for hip-hop?

"I first discovered my passion for hip hop in middle school, when 50 Cent came out with "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'." I was absolutely obsessed with him and never looked back."

What/who are you biggest influences?

"My biggest influences are all over the genre map from Drake, G-Eazy, and Logic to Justin Timberlake and even John Mayer."

If you could have the chance to work with any artist living or dead, who would you choose and why?

"If I could work with one artist, right now, dead or alive, it would be Logic. After watching nearly all of his online interviews, I just feel like we have a lot of the same views and beliefs. It would be dope to even sit down and have a conversation with the guy, he's so open minded."

What do you hope to accomplish through your music/career?

"As for my own musical career, I just plan to be someone people are proud of. I want to be people's favorite artist for not only my music, but because of who I am as a person. I think music is the most influential thing on the planet and I want to be apart of that influence so badly. I want to be the reason someone woke up and decided to chase their own dreams."

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Shle Berry From Milwaukee

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