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Temmy Bridges Talks Favorite Artists, How He Prepares for Shows, and More

Temmy Bridges Talks Favorite Artists, How He Prepares for Shows, and More

Rapper and cannabis connoisseur Temmy Bridges is known in the independent rap scene for his catchy hooks, smooth rap schemes, and his memorable Performances. He’s been witnessed in many venues throughout New York City performing his crowd interactive single “Blessing” which is sure to turn any party up. This past fall he released an EP titled seaweed and we are excited to hear what he has in store next.

UHH: What do you stand for as an artist?

Temmy Bridges: I stand for my city, my family, my people, everybody that grinding for the cause no matter what they doing.

Tell us a bit about your musical background and how long you’ve been a recording artist?

I been recording for about 7years now when I was living with my mom she would play all type of music from Maxwell down to beenie mon, Jackson 5, Shabba ranks lol my styles & flow is def a from from all my music history lol

How do you think your upbringing has shaped you into the artist you are today?

I use to care about bars & shit but in my 5 years of rapping I just started telling my stories cause shit was getting too real just living in new york, it was ruff and bars didn’t matter to me no more.

Why do you want to be a professional rapper?

I see myself as a professional performer don’t matter what I'm doing I'm always put 100% in whatever from cooking to making music to drawing to rocking showcases but I love making music and a lot people fucks with it so I'm kicking it.

Who are your favorite artist and why?

I fucks with wiz for style & flows and his dope plus busta rhymes is a beast.

How do you prepare for a live showcase?

Smoke a lot a weed drink a lil something & do it all over again.

How do you classify your sound and music?

Smooth smokey vibe bass bumping heart racing real-life stories.

What sets you apart from the upcoming rappers of today?

I'm talking about me nobody live my life but me that what set me apart from others no autotune no effect it's me you hearing on every record.

Tell me about some of your career highlights thus far.

Damn, idk I perform at so many dope spots but I really like Harlem they be wildin' the love is dope but I can’t really say I turn up everywhere I go it’s always a movie lol.

What challenges are you faced with as an upcoming musician?

Real life shit lol the cops, rent, females.

Tell us about your EP titled “Seaweed”

Seaweed is a dope link up with me & my homie ill Phil he put the fucking shit together his beats is really dope y’all deff gotta look out for that guy. But the ep have a mix of trap & r&b flows a lot of thought put into the tape but we was high af most of the ep recordings so it was cool vibes.

Which song on the mixtape is your favorite and why?

My fav song on the ep is “nobody” ill Phil killed the beat body the hook and the flows of me and Phil was crazy as fuck and it was something I was really going thru.

How did you go about selecting production for your album?

My bro ill Phil productions he mixed & mastered every song on the ep if you didn’t hear it yet go bump that now lol seaweed is such a dope tape no lie.

What are you currently working on for this year?

More music, more videos, bigger showcases and linking new great people really.

If you had three wishes for Hip-Hop what would they be? Example: Tupac was alive, Record labels were easier to work with?

I wish people would show them true self instead of wearing a mask for the cash that about it tho I think every happens for a reason so i can’t wish nobody back to life maybe this is what hip hop vibes are at the moment it change up again overtime.

Describe your sound in 3 words.

Dope. Smooth. True.

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