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[Video] MadeGroceries - "Pray Love & Meditate"

[Video] MadeGroceries - "Pray Love & Meditate"

New Orleans hip-hop has undoubtedly made an impact on the culture as a whole, birthing two of the biggest indie labels of all time in Cash Money and No Limit. The success of these two labels, however, may have given people a misconception about the Hip-Hop made in the big easy. Most popular for bounce influenced, material and harsh gangsta raps, it wasn’t until Curren$y and his JetLife Crew made noise, that people were open to hearing more open, laid back sounds from NOLA.

Enter MadeGroceries, the trio fits comfortably into the sonic lane that Spitta has created for his hometown brethren. While their aesthetic may be similar, the topics they choose to express set them in a lane of their own. With a focus on spirituality, metaphysics and overall good karma and energy, the three drop visuals for their track “Pray, Love and Meditate” where their philosophy can be explained clearly in the hook, delivered with the signature New Orleans drawl

“No need for trees just to levitate/ We some heavyweight, searching for a better day/ We hold it down like gravity, no matter what they say/ Pray Love and Meditate”

The video has a pretty cool storyline promoting the power of positive thinking and living for more than just the moment.

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