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Summertime Chapi Roy The Savage Nomad

[Video] "Summertime Chapi" - Roy The Savage ft. Nomad

(Updated 6/30/16) Longtime friends Roy The Savage and Nomad teamed up for a summertime hit that is sure to get you outside, dancing. The two Brooklyn artists hit up the beach and other locations throughout New York City to give their fans a video for the summer.

As summer approaches, rappers begin working on their summertime tracks and start releasing them in hopes of using the nice weather to catapult their career. Even though it's still a bit chilly in New York City, Roy The Savage and Nomad are trying to heat things up with "Summertime Chapi". The track is the second single off of Roy The Savage's upcoming project The Giving Tree which will be a good mix of poetry inspired tracks and NY hip-hop. I was actually with Roy when this instrumental landed in his inbox and we just kept playing it over and over in the studio. The entire track has a summertime vibe and the bass pounds enough to play it wherever you go.

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