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[Album Review] 'Unsung Hero 2' - Kennie Dubb

[Album Review] 'Unsung Hero 2' - Kennie Dubb

Kennie Dubb pulls a Diddy move:

As 2015 came to a close, many of us are finally finding the time to come to terms with last year. This of course raises so many questions. Have I achieved all of our goals? Did that plan in 2012 finally get of the ground? Did I cut ties with all the fake ass people I said I was going to ditch in 2014? And looking to the future, is everything in place for 2016? Of all the projects I’ve listened to nothing has been as much of a surprise as what Kennie Dubb just dropped, on his birthday of all days. Unsung Hero 2 is a mixtape nearly a year in the making, under the recently establish Ambition Gang NYC brand. I found this mixtape widely entertaining, looking past some rough edges to explore a clean New York sound.

The project begins with “Give me Time,” which I was a really honest conveyance of his transformed vision. In Unsung Hero, he sounded too humble, too nice, too innocent, too pop; all which made his work sound bland compared to his live presence. Immediately from the first track, it sounds like Kennie Dubb fired his old self and emerged with a new attitude that even Patti Labelle would nod to. You can hear the growth, the manhood and lessons learned from being an artist, a father and lover to the ladies. To these rappers looking to be called “upcoming,” listen to this mixtape and take some notes. If you next project sounds like your last or worse, don’t feen for a cosign. Kennie earned it and still said fuck the cosign on a track.

So lets get into the dope tracks that I had on repeat. “Beautiful (You Are)” is a great message directed to women, on a beautifully delicate beat. This is the kind of song I wish I made as an artist. This is the kind of track you play in your crib after an argument with your shorty. I related to this piece, wanting to convey this to past flames, which i truly respect of Kennie to explore this in music form.

I think I honestly ran back “F_ck Ya Cosign” about 10 times, trying to memorize these bars! Track 8-10 was a turn-up movie in my home office! “Young X Bad” is an anthem for our generation, especially in the mean streets of New York City. Listening to this section of the mixtape makes me wonder what it was like to be in the studio with Kennie Dubb and Ambition Gang. My favorite track though is “87 Jackson Bad” featuring Francheyez.

One thing I will say is that, the length of the mixtape overall could be shortened; listeners gotta earn this much fire on one project. In addition I would’ve liked to have heard more instrumentation and singer vocals added to the production. But this mixtape is well engineered and clean and really allow for you to get into the project and discover Kennie’s vision.

This project is definitely for new listeners as much as it for existing fans of the artist. If you’re already a fan of Kennie Dubb, you will become obsessed with Unsung Hero 2. It’s a completely different sound and direction than the first Unsung Hero he dropped about two years ago. When you hear you instantly notice the quality of production and mastering and it draws you in to listen. I commend Kennie for his beat selection and for collaborating with other talented, complimentary artists. You can hear the comfort and confidence is his voice; his delivering is as crisp as the audio compression. His bars get a massive upgrade, sharpening his ability to paint pictures of the uptown lifestyle his brand represents. Buy this project now, which can be found at

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