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[Audio] OUTER BODY EP - Jean Deaux

[Audio] OUTER BODY EP - Jean Deaux

Written by Eve @evie________

I’m not privy to what a goddess sounds like but Jean Deaux must be the epitome of one. What we do know is Jean Deaux is working on something different. Out now with her brand new EP, Outer Body, in just three tracks Jean helps us ride off to another planet mixing electronic hymns and steady raps over production from collective, THEMpeople. Transitioning from ear catching features like Mick Jenkins “Healer,” Jean mimics melodies seamlessly, the softness of her voice falling in and out like ocean waves.

With this metamorphosis into her latest project, Jean lifts us off into another space crushing it with all her attributes whether singing, whispering, or dropping lyrical anomalies. Tracks like “Act Right (Saturn’s Return)” amplify her versatility beginning with girlish, electronic beats progressing into her slow moving raps - seductive and smart, but most importantly real.

Redefining what may or not fit in a hip-hop complex, her quick wit, swift changing melodies, and consistent lyrical connections allow Jean Deaux to stand completely on her own. Whether played for a fresh house party, an electronic festival, or to just meditate on her projects have certified her place in the changing Chicago scene.

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[Audio] OUTER BODY EP - Jean Deaux

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