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jLaSol Freestyle Series #5

[Video] jLaSol Freestyle Series #5

Aspiring hip-hop artist jLaSol hails from St. Albans, Queens. He was recently interviewed for the forthcoming hip-hop documentary "Life Comes from Destiny" and was invited by Team Backpack for their Mission Underground Los Angeles (MULA) event. Having completed his first mixtape Walking Home Alone, the artist is now keeping his fans abreast of his personal growth on the mic by keeping up a freestyle series as a means of creating an interactive space for his fans.

As with any artists, we keep our skills sharp in many ways, yet those who watch us don't know fully what it takes to put fire to the mic. Watch a young kid take his first steps into the wild terrain of hip-hop. Subscribe to his channel for weekly updates and keep an eye out for his forthcoming work.

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jLaSol Freestyle Series #5

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