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QNA - "Retrograde" feat. Bush Tea

QNA - "Retrograde" feat. Bush Tea

This is a single that was particularly inspired by one of my favorite “hidden songs” by Kendrick. If you watch the “Alright” music video, there’s a short song in the beginning. Once I heard that, the wheels started turning. TJ wrote basically the entire song, and at the time, we were working with Bush Tea. We recorded it, but decided to sit on it until XII was done. It’s been awhile since we’ve recorded it…probably 2 years by now, so it’s weird and interesting to be able to look back into this period of time.

Making their debut on, QNA (Supe-MC, Bush Tea-MC, Marina Espinet-Vocalist, Benjamin Chin-Saxophonist, TJ Adorno-Guitarist, Jason Smith-Bassist, Marco Gill-Drummer) supplies us with a smooth Hip Hop track with a lot of Jazz. Marina Espinet starts the track off by sharing her beautiful voice and sets the tone for the next 6 minutes. The lead emcee, Supe, follows with a great verse adding a little bit of New York Hip Hop to the track. Bush Tea continues with a dope verse just before the band members get a chance to showcase their skills. As great as it is to listen to this song through my computer, seeing "Retrograde" live is what I am excited about.

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