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TownWave - A Free Social-Based Music Listening App is Up and Running

I feel like there is a new music app popping up every single day. Some apps connect artists and fans, some apps allow fans to discover new music, and some apps do both. Meet Townwave, a free social-based music listening app. Now available in the app store, anyone in the US with an iPhone (Andriod coming soon) can sign up. Take a look below on what features the app provides for artists AND listeners.

TownWave - A Free Social-Based Music Listening App is Up and Running

For artists

Townwave allows artists to host some of their best music but limits them to the songs they want to promote. They do this so that the platform doesn't get oversaturated like their competitor Soundcloud. Artists can upload up to 5 songs with a free account and have the opportunity to promote it via social media; all without leaving the app!

Townwave's platform is designed to generate a local buzz rather than the "spray and pray" approach. Example; it is much more beneficial to have 50 fans in New York than it is to have 50 fans in the United States. We both know it's getting harder and harder to monetize music with all the free streaming platforms that are in play so Townwave wants to help artists generate a buzz, start hosting live performances and making real money.

For listeners

Townwave gives listeners the opportunity to listen to music without ads and at no cost. They make it incredibly easy to share/rate their favorite artists and the option to start a wave or find a new artist before they "blow up." I know it seems like a lot, but isn't that what you want in an app? Whether you are an experienced music curator or a playlist listener, Townwave gives you the option to do both.

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