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TruthCity Everything Takes Time

TruthCity Tells His Story On "Everything Takes Time"

Here are a few synonyms for “TruthCity”: “triumphant,” “inspired,” “manifested,” “inspiring,” “driven,” “manifesting,” “powerful,” “talented,” “empowering,” “authentic.”

At its best, Truth’s music captures that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you’ve accomplished in a day what you’d hoped to conquer in a month, the moment when an obstacle that looked insurmountable on approach fades away in your rearview mirror to another blip on a receding horizon. “Everything Takes Time,” TruthCity’s new single featuring Cocoa Sarai, encapsulates all of that in four crisp minutes that’ll leave fans of the New York City rapper eager for the forthcoming album.

“You know they say trees that grow the slowest bear the best fruit,” Truth reminisces to open his first verse, before diving into a soulful narrative reflecting on how far he’s come in pursuit of the lofty goals that define his hyper focused ambition. “I live without concern knowing I earned this,” Truth pines, affirming that the climb’s been worth it, the peak he’s summited hasn’t left him too weary to enjoy the view. By the time Cocoa Sarai’s voice joins Truth’s in the building pre-chorus, there’s a charge in the air, if you close your eyes and nod along it’s damn near impossible not to sprout a smile.

TruthCity’s second verse adds more details on both sides of the spectrum, juxtaposing life without a sink against home studios, homelessness against strength of enterprise. With an infectiously genuine knack for self-assessment, the New York Emcee points a convincing finger at the root of all the growth he describes, noting “I stopped worshipping idols and tryna be the man, and learned how to just be myself.” It’s that authenticity and knowledge of self that makes Truth’s message ring so true, and captures a powerful ethos that drips from every line in “Everything Takes Time.”

But it’s the way TruthCity delivers that message that makes his music so uniquely evocative, going far beyond describing his own experience to pull out relatable moments from the hearts of each emotionally invested member of his growing legion of fans. Big picture, every aspect of “Everything Takes Time” is highly polished, from Truth’s nuanced and expressive delivery to the silken hook from Sarai to the well-placed feel changes in the track’s nostalgic, haunting beat. Focus on the most minute details, and that polish is just as apparent, all the way down to each well-placed syllable in his dialed in flow. As an artist, truth embodies excellence; that message weaves its way through much of his music, and is starkly apparent in the quality of the music itself.

“Everything Takes Time” proves what TruthCity fans have already known for years now: his music is ready. If Jay-Z met TruthCity tomorrow, Truth would make an impression that would make his career. The next album is coming soon, world domination may come soon after that. For now, run “Everything Takes Time” back, and take a moment to enjoy excellence/manifestation/triumph at work.

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