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Roy The Savage - "I Hate Cancer" VIDEO (prod. 24/7) [Dir. Ferrari Xavi]

Roy The Savage - "I Hate Cancer" VIDEO (prod. 24/7) [Dir. Ferrari Xavi]

I've been in exile the past few months as my mom was going through the last moments of her life. Before she was in that phase we started working on a video fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society an organization that helped my family through these times. –Roy The Savage

I remember the feeling when I found out my mom had breast cancer. I was sad, angry, confused, and helpless but she was lucky enough to get treatment and get rid of it before it got too bad. I can't even imagine what Roy The Savage was going through when he saw his mom struggling and eventually passing away. Cancer sucks and way too many people lose their loved ones because of it. There are lots of different ways to help families fighting cancer. I think the best way if you know someone is to just be there for them. That means to make time and help them not fight their battle alone! Another way is to literally donate to an organization that helps people out like this one:


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