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Artist Spotlight: Alexander Dreamer

Artist Spotlight: Alexander Dreamer

It's been a while since I have been excited about a new artist. That's why I was thrilled when Joe Hova's email landed in my inbox introducing Alexander Dreamer.

The greatest artists take the most thought provoking concepts and make you question their effect on your own life.

Alexander Dreamer’s new EP begins scratching the surface on religion, love, and being a young artist/producer building a new brand of music. “I’m just havin’ fun in this bih, let me die young in this bih”, he exclaims on “Timeless”. The 23-year-old artist/producer expresses his thoughts on his native Columbus, OH, life, and more throughout A Place For Me as he searches for a home for his dreams.

There are moments in life that you will never forget. Columbus, OH’s Alexander Dreamer went through a period of time that saw him enrolling in school to study the music business, his mother dying, and earning his degree. He is now creating moments for others to remember with Spirit (An Ohio Story). Dreamer slips in nods to his mother throughout the 12 track album, including “Pressure on my mind but that’s fine nevermind it/mama always told a n***a pressure make diamonds”, on “The Fall”.

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