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Pat RZL Has A Great Project On Her Hands With 'Food 4 Thought'

Pat RZL Has A Great Project On Her Hands With 'Food 4 Thought'

Brooklyn (by the way of St. Kitts) artist, Pat RZL blesses hip-hop fans everywhere with a new project entitled Food 4 Thought. I've been waiting for this project ever since I heard "Melanin" a few months back. That is one of the strongest singles I have heard in a long time. Make sure to check out the official video below. Pat RZL has a lot going for her. She can create strong hooks. She can switch up her flow. She has an important message. She can create a vibe. She will be great.

Pat RZL brings up a lot of important issues throughout Food 4 Thought. She thanks her mother, discusses police brutality, the beauty of melanin, freedom, and so much more. There are two things I really enjoy about this project. The first is that the project sounds like a cohesive piece of work. There isn't one song on Food 4 Thought that doesn't belong. I gotta give a shout-out to Pat RZL for working with six different producers and keeping the same sound. The second thing I really enjoy is the vibe. I'm sure she could have preached the whole time but she took breaks to sprinkle in some very good verses. Pat RZL has definitely become one of my new favorite rappers after listening to this project.

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