When you get on stage, introduce yourself, tell them where you're from then see where they're from. Ask someone a question in the audience. Introduce an audience member to another audience member. Build the vibes. You only have 20 to 30 minutes, so take advantage of your time. For that amount of time, people are in your home. Make them feel like it.

Make eye contact with everyone. There is a skill some artists use called the blank stare which can make people feel like your looking at them when you're not. DO NOT DO THIS. Don't point to air. Actually look at people, touch their shoulders, and bounce with them. One time doing this and a fan will subconsciously want you to do it again and they will spend the whole show looking at you waiting for another moment with you. They now feel part of the performance and feel more than a spectator. In a matter of five minutes, you can get 10 to 15 people loving your music.

Are You Connecting With Your Fans Or Just Rapping To Them

Photo cred: Matt O

Be transparent. Don't talk just to talk, if you have nothing to say don't make up things to say or it will just seem awkward. If your pissed because of something that is close to your morals and ties into a song then say it. People like to feel human, especially at a concert. Music is a way to escape things that don't bind us together. Stay away from controversial topics or things that divide a room. Focus on things that makes everyone feel loved and connecting is one way to do that.

Mingle with people before the show. Don't play the wall. If you have a good conversation with someone before a show and just let them talk about them, they may never know your performing and be that much more interested. Break the ice. Be the person in the room that's just walking through, giving love. What you do off stage matters even more than what you do on stage.

And lastly, HAVE FUN. If you're performing just for likes, for ego, or self-gratification the stage will feel meaningless to you and it will show in your demeanor. Pick shows that you know you will be happy at. Pick venues you know will compliment the vibes of your set. It's okay to say no to things that won't allow you to connect with your audience. Every show should feel like a moment and not just another gig. That's how you create moments.