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[Audio] Cuban K. Soze - "Let's Go"

Cuban K. Soze has the ability to deliver this product without trading in his dignity (or others' respect) as a true MC. From Inglewood, CA and has lived in Los Angeles his entire life with a very brief stint in Memphis, TN. Cuban bridges the ever-widening gap between the aging "heads" demographic who are clearly missing the golden-age bar-spitter-type talents but still want something that embodies today's vibe-based sound. "Let's Go" is off of Cuban's new album and recorded in Cuban's own home. "Let's Go" is diverse and really pushed Cuban out of a certain comfort zone in a positive way.

Cuban is a true street artist with the chops to hang with the rapper's rapper but not afraid to hit the autotune and spit some melodic bars. Cuban's self-produced new album hits viral platforms late-2016.

Listen to Cuban's new single, "Let's Go" below:

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