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[Audio] Gaitán "With Ease" feat. Jonny Zywiciel (Prod. Gaitán & Ian McKee)

California R&B crooner, Gaitán, follows up from his latest arousing visual release, "Vices" with a new Jonny Zywiciel assisted vibe. In his latest offering, "With Ease," the Bay area singer takes things from the conversations at the kitchen table to the bedroom, the floor, and wherever else his rendezvous leads him. As he goes into detail about his sexual experience with a lucky young lady, he lets listeners know that he gives mrs. Right his all.. With Ease.

Gaitan's vocal confidence intertwined with heavy bass and guitar on this track creates a heated atmosphere that leans towards sensuality. Embrace what you feel, with ease.

Artist Bio

Much of the musical roots experienced amongst listeners from “The Bay” area stem from the Hip-Hop/R&B success that has put the region on the map, thus far. Now in a time where music, as an entity, is at it’s peak of creativity, musicians are able to merge different influences into sounds that push limits further than ever heard before.

Beginning his pursuit towards his passion at the early age of 11-years-old, Burlingame, CA singer, Gaitán Gonzales, prepared himself to emerge as yet another talent from The Bay that made a difference with his music by joining different bands from his area. Growing up around the art served as that inevitable push into the direction of his growing career, as his Father was also a musician, as well, more suited in Rock music. This early influence catered to Gaitán’s artistry in a way that would lead him to pursuing alternative rock, but growing up in The Bay also lead him to explore R&B music.

Though his father guided him artistically through his own personal interests in Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, Gaitán’s urban environment would help him develop his own taste through the works of none other than Dr. Dre & Eminem. Today, we can credit artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Kehlani, and Marc E Bassy for his delights.

Gaitán’s solo career is still in it’s very early stages, but the background & experience he’s gained thus far have molded him into a polished R&B artist, ready to captivate the masses through his genuine feel for music. Some of his producing/songwriting/vocal presence can be heard on fellow Bay Area songster, Cash Campain’s latest collective release, “Michael in ‘79”.

Any music that has had a strong melody and an honest feel is what has always struck me. Any music that has really made me feel something real has been an influence.


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