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Artist Watch List: Dope Music Village from the DMV

Artist Watch List: Dope Music Village from the DMV


It takes a village: #ITAV. You don’t normally hear this kind of team work in hip hop, but Dope Music Village credits their success to it. The DMV based collaborative prides itself on its flexibility and willingness to work with others. It’s that sort of tenacity and teamwork that has helped them carve a niche in their home states (and start their expansion across the country).

Perhaps the most fitting term for Dope Music Village is diversity. It makes sense as two of its founders proudly represent Columbia, Maryland; a town that was created for the sole purpose of integration. Not just integration of ethnicities, or social class, but also a diversity in thought and creativity.


It wasn’t an easy road. When Brain Rapp and Nature Boi started working together they had trouble getting on the bill at local venues. For a while the only shows they booked were events they created. Now, they find themselves on stage every couple of weeks and have opened for the likes of Jadakiss and Curren$y.

Where You Been?

Their first EP Elevator Music released June 30th 2015 to much praise. The project helped highlight the village’s sense of community, featuring fellow villagers Jake Sinatra, Ezko, and Ashley Alexander:

Diving into Dope Music Village is sort of like grabbing a handful of skittles; they all look different but taste just as sweet. Every artist associated with the collective has their own individual vision, but its fulfilled with the same rigorous professionalism that the rest of the group practices.

Explore the village for yourself.


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