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Scratch The Surface Tour Heads Out West

Scratch The Surface Tour Heads Out West

On Monday August 29th the Scratch The Surface Tour kicks off in Colorado Springs, CO at the Speak Easy Vape Lounge. The tour will be stopping in 13 cities throughout the western region of the U.S. starting from August 29th to September 12th with a performance at Cervantes Otherside in Denver, Colorado. Artists featured on the tour will be Windchill (PA), Nieve (CA), Proximity (CO), Shawn Keys & Geoff Grey (NM) and DJing the tour will be DJ Kamoflage (CA). This tour is brought to you by Universal Language. I’m looking forward to hearing the different sounds of hip hop these artists will provide. The tour lineup will be showcasing a plethora of elements including: jazz inspired hip hop, conscious lyrics, positive vibes, clever wordplay, soulful sounds and presumably some freestyles.

The jazz inspired hip hop will be presented by Nieve. The Los Angeles based emcee combines picture-painting lyrics with a smooth laid back flow. This combination with the addition of his positive outlook and jazzy sound should make for a great concert experience. Check out his track “California” (Feat. Tunji) and his track with Soulchef “Go With Me” (featuring Malia).

Making the trip out west will be the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based artist, Windchill. His conscious lyrics will be on full display during the tour. This versatile artist is also known for his freestyling abilities; he even earned the name Lieutenant Freestyle. He got this name from rocking house parties with a mic and his freestyles. I’m looking forward to hearing this conscious artist spit some freestyles and watching him perform his single “Pay Homage”.

Accompanying the Scratch The Surface Tour will be the hip hop conglomerate Proximity from Denver, Colorado. The group consists of two MC’s Provok and Grafik. These conscious hip hop artists use clever word play to get relatable topics and knowledgeable messages to the listener’s ears. Proximity also boasts a classic hip hop DJ, which should add to the shows experience.

Rounding out the touring acts are artists Shawn Keys & Geoff Grey from Albuquerque, New Mexico. With complex instrumentals provided by Geoff and the clever wordplay of Shawn; these two pride themselves on creating soulful melodic compositions, which should be a perfect addition to the show. As you can see the Scratch The Surface Tour will have plenty of entertainment and provide a wide range of sounds for all hip hop fans. This tour will give fans an authentic hip hop experience with an up close look at upcoming artists on the rise from around the nation. So be sure to catch a show when the tour stops at a city near you.


Nieve & Soulchef - "Go With Me" (feat. Malia)

Nieve - "California" (Feat. Tunji)


Windchill "The Human Animal"

Windchill "Pay Homage"


Proximity "Lead By Example"

Proximity "This Is Us"

Shawn Keys & Geoff Grey

Scratch The Surface Tour Heads Out West

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