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[New Music] Felly - 'Young Fel' EP

[New Music] Felly - 'Young Fel' EP

A friend showed me Felly's music one day while I was at a meeting and the first thing I noticed was that he seemed to be having so much fun with his friends. I think that's why a lot of artists get popular too. If you can create a positive and/or fun vibe whether it's with music or at a show, people will be attracted to it. And that's what Felly, Gyyps, 2273 Records, and their crew has done over the past couple years. The young Connecticut rapper/producer has branded himself as someone you can party and/or chill with.

Building off of his previous five projects and nine beat-tapes from the past several years, Felly’s most recent release, Young Fel, presents the epitome of that distinct sound Felly has been developing for the past several years. With this release, Felly is determined to “spread positivity and hit the world with his wave”.

I wanted to give Young Fel at least 5 listens before I started typing my thoughts so I could get an overall opinion of it. If I am being honest, I wasn't blown away after the first listen BUT the more I listen to it, the more I really like (even love) it. Felly starts out the EP with "Come Around Ma" which brings the project in slowly and sets the vibe for the next seven tracks. The things I really enjoy about Felly's music is that he doesn't follow trends. He is authentic. Felly features his friend, colleague and label-mate, Gyyps on "Desert Eagle" which is my favorite song on the album. Both Felly and Gyyps showcase their ability to rap throughout the track by switching up their flows and impressive wordplay. Felly then slows it down on "Chicago Nights" to tell a story which marks the halfway point of the EP.

"Business" is the fifth track on Young Fel and it adds to the diversity of the EP. I can imagine Felly turning up at his home studio while recording this. His energy travels through the speakers like sound waves. Felly slows it down again with "Slim Thick" as he spews out some introspective lyrics. He talks about wanting this forever, not selling out to labels, and so much more. This track has made it's way to one of my favorites on the album. "Very Special" is also one of my favorite tracks on the EP. He continues to tell his story mentioning how he is skipping school to tour and make music. Young Fel comes to an end just as it started, with a chill track. Felly did a fantastic job putting this EP together. It flowed nicely. It was unique. It was real. Can't wait to see what's next from Felly and his team.

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