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HIVE: The Best New Way To Discover New Music

HIVE: The Best New Way To Discover New Music

The main reason I started back in 2012 was because I was finding so many new artists that I liked, I needed to keep track of them. I used the blog as a music library that I (and anyone on the internet) could access from anywhere at any time. After a while, finding new artists kind of became an obsession of mine. I wanted to find great artists and tell my friends about them; before they told me, of course. At the beginning, I didn't even accept submissions because I didn't think of myself as a "hip hop blog." I would find music on YouTube and SoundCloud then post it on the site. Eventually, I created an email and started accepting submissions and that's when I started to get overwhelmed. Yes, a lot of bad music came in but the amount of good music that came in skyrocketed.

This is where HIVE comes in. HIVE makes discovering music as easy as swiping your finger. Once you download their app, you are able to listen to the best undiscovered artists in 30-second clips to build the ultimate playlist. The app's functionality is perfect and it's design is pleasing to the eye. I sat on this app for an hour straight after I first downloaded it because I was so entertained. Finding new music became fun again.

Not only is this the perfect app for a fan to have but it is a powerful tool for an artist. HIVE let's artists create profiles and upload their tracks directly from SoundCloud. It's so easy, you can set it up in less than 2 minutes. And from what I've noticed, HIVE doesn't favor mainstream or signed artists over independent artists which is a big plus. Another bonus is that HIVE helps artists and bands quickly reach new fans. The artist analytics will show you exactly who is listening to your in real time. My favorite function of the app is their Viral Growth function. Every time a listener swipes right, the song passes to 6 new, random listeners, helping your song reach entirely new audiences.

HIVE also creates valuable data to help you make the best booking decisions possible. They make sure the band/artist has the right size and type of following for your venue, so you can be confident you'll sell out your shows. Their data is completely unbiased so you no longer have to worry about skewed data from a band paying for likes or asking their friends. If I was you I would download the app right now, create a profile, and start uploading your tunes. It's only a matter of time before this app goes mainstream.

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