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Fifth Element Tent Soundset 2016

5 Minnesota Hip Hop Artists You Should Know About

This article has been a long time coming for a couple reasons. The first is that, I have been going to the biggest and best hip-hop festival (Soundset) for the past five years which just happens to be located in Minnesota. The second reason is that Minneapolis and the surrounding areas has one of the most supportive and unique hip-hop scenes in the country. I grew up in Wisconsin so it was just a quick drive across the border to see a few of my favorite artists like Atmosphere, Aseop Rock, Prof, Brother Ali, and many more. The last and final reason was that I recently met someone from Minnesota who is pushing their scene not for his own benefit but for the benefit of Minnesota Hip Hop.

J. Plaza

J. Plaza is the only artist on this list that has been featured on our site before and for good reason. He is one of the most promising artists to come out of Minnesota (and probably the midwest). His songs are packed with metaphors and impressive raps. The way he hops all over different beats makes it seem like he is a veteran in the game. It's only a matter of time before his name is known outside his home state.

Baby Shel

I really like Baby Shel's tone of voice which is important to me. I was also impressed with his flow throughout the video above. He makes rapping seem effortless which is a quality of a talented artist. I'm actually really happy I was sent his music.


NonFic reminds me of that classic Minnesota Hip Hop sound. It's the sound that I love. It's calm. It's positive. It's unique. It makes you bob your head. It's like Minnesota took what New York created, put their own twist on it, and kept it alive. All of the artists on this post use many of the techniques the founders of hip hop used.


At this point, I am starting to think Minnesota is in the top 5 states who are putting out the highest quality of hip hop. Maybe even top 5 because it's actually hip hop, not this trap, trill, or whatever these other states are creating. Metasota might just be another artist on my list, but he is just as talented as everyone else.

The Lioness

Our list wouldn't be complete if we didn't feature a female rapper. The Lioness proves she can put together a hook just as good she can a verse with "Dreamer".

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