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5 Members Every Independent Artist Needs On Their Team

5 Members Every Independent Artist Needs On Their Team

Many people play. Not everyone gets a ring.
5 Members Every Independent Artist Needs on Their Team.

Am I the only one that finds it confusing when hearing the phrase “ Self Made”. I mean Is there anyone on earth who reached every goal they ever wanted without the help of another. Tell me how the rose that grew from the concrete could have stretched toward the sky without the pull of the sun. Could Tom Brady ( greatest QB ever) win a Super Bowl without an Offensive line? Would Eazy E have uttered his first words in a booth without the written frigid poetry of Ice Cube? Would Michael Jordan be the six ringed God that he is without coaching from Phil Jackson? In this day in which the independent artists of the world have laid claim to the creative landscape, it can almost be considered a commandment to have a solid team around you. Not just your friends, but driven, honest, talented people who share your vision, and understand who you are as an artist. Here are a couple of important people to keep in your circle.

1. Unique Photographer/Videographer

In today's world , pictures and videos are two of the most circulated and viewed items on the Internet. This makes it essential for every up and coming artist to have a photographer/videographer by their side. I will say, with the advancement of the cell phone camera and photo editors being at your beckon call, it's easy to get great photos no matter where you are. However, if you can GoPro, GO PRO! Invest in your product. No one will take you seriously if you don't take yourself serious.

2. Smart Marketing Specialist

As annoying as it can be, SOCIAL MEDIA matters! Simply posting a picture and video everyday is not enough. Who do you want to see your post? What time are those people on the Internet? Are they in college or working adults with families? Which type of post garners the most attention? These are question that have to be answered when you are navigating social media, and a social media strategist is the person you need to answer them. Let them take the pressure off of you and work with your publicist to handle the day to day posting of pictures, videos and trending memes that strike gold in the likes and comments section of your Instagram. Trust me, having someone in your corner that knows what's going on behind the screens of your favorite followers will propel you light years forward in your journey to the Billboard Hot 100!

3. Professional Publicist

Ever been scrolling through a hip hop blog like complex, xxl, or fader and wondered how artist get videos and songs debuted on these sites? Three letters. PRR. Public Relations Representative; better known as a Publicist. A good publicist is like the ultimate co-sign. They contact the blogs big and small and speak on your behalf. Pitching you as the next big thing. Be careful though. A good publicist is hard to find; and most of the really good ones are expensive, but for good reason. So do your research. Don't just got with the first person that says, “I'm going to get you in pigeons and planes.” It's prob bullshit. A good publicist won't promise you anything except doing everything they can to put you in the best place to succeed.

4. Quality Audio Engineer

Before you go looking for a publicist to give you the co-sign of a lifetime, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A VIABLE PRODUCT! If you are a recording artist that means having a bomb ass recording team. Now I understand not recording at the studio. With the advancement of recording tech you can record almost anywhere. But don't forget about your “post production”! This is what happens after you have written and recorded your song. The mixing and the mastering. This, in my opinion is the most important part of making a song. Quality over everything. There is a sea of artists making music, and production value will make you stand out among the crowd. So make sure the people you have in your corner know what they are doing. I can't tell you how many times I have heard good songs with shitty mixes and it totally turned me off. Understand what a good mixing and mastering job sounds like. This process can be expensive, but it's worth it! DON'T CUT CORNERS! Finding a great production team will bring out the magic in every track.

5. Honest Manager

Regardless of how good your music is, no matter how great your social media plan may be, if you can't trust the people around you to be honest then you have nothing. How many times have you heard horror stories of an independent artist being taken advantage by a industry shark, or heard your friend had an opinion about something, but because everyone else said “bruh that's flame…” they keep their opinion to themselves. THAT’S NOT OKAY!! Growth comes from the knowledge of mistakes, and the correction of those mistakes in hindsight. If you can't trust the people around you to honestly tell you what they think and what's going on with your money, songs,mixes, social media presence, etc, then you are pulling into the left lane with a car in your blind spot that you can't see. KEEP GOOD FOLK IN YO CORNER!

Being an independent artist today's is already hard enough. To consistently be creative while at the same time supporting your own mini empire is no easy task; which is why it is essential to keep a strong team on your side. King James reigns supreme, but without the Cavaliers, he is just one man, and no man ever became great and remained great without the help of great people.

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