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[New Music] 'Welcome To BosAngeles' - Nat Anglin

[New Music] 'Welcome To BosAngeles' - Nat Anglin

Moving away from home and everything you've ever known is a tough task. Now add to that moving across the country from your home in Boston, MA to chase down a dream in Los Angeles, CA and you're adding a lot of pressure to an already difficult equation. I know because I did it too. I moved from Wisconsin to New York City. Boston bred, Los Angeles based MC Nat Anglin did just that over the course of the last year and all of that anxiety mixed with hopes, dreams, and hard work have combined to make his latest album, Welcome To BosAngeles, come to life. Nat, who used to go by Natural, releases his first project under his government name not only on the first day of summer but also his birthday. Even with the name change he keeps the lyrical style fans have come to love over the years. He's brash but he also shows an emotional side on a few tracks, blending his East Coast roots with West Coast flavor for an enjoyable listen.

Nat Anglin describes Welcome To BosAngeles as a project that "reflects my journey from being a staple in Boston to my sudden move across country to Los Angeles. The idea of the name is simple: A Beantown state of mind just where the trees are palm'. The album highlights the ups and downs of not only a music career but the day to day hustle associated with life in general. Love lost, love gained, burning bridges, adjustments and friendships new and old. The album finds maturity in the abyss of desperation. Songs like 'Bridges' and 'Waste My Time' are about knowing when to say enough is enough but also making peace with yourself and others in order to show forgiveness. While the emotional complexity is apparent, songs like the brash and undeniably fire 'Young Jack Kennedy' and 'Shhh!' show the fun sides of it all as well. The album came out incredibly well rounded and I'm extremely proud to finally share it with you. Over a year and a half in the making ... I present Welcome To BosAngeles."

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