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[Podcast] EP 4 featuring I.S. Jones, Editor of Upcoming Hip Hop & Encore Radio Show

[Podcast] EP 4 featuring I.S. Jones, Editor of Upcoming Hip Hop & Encore Radio Show

About Episode 2 ft. I.S. Jones

The Upcoming Hip Hop Podcast episode 3 features a conversation between Matt O and I.S. Jones. They discuss how I.S. starting with Upcoming Hip Hop, current role at Encore Radio Show, hip hop music, women in hip hop, and more. I.S. Jones is the lead editor hear at Upcoming Hip Hop and as well as Encore Radio Show. She is a true hip-hop fan, pizza fanatic, Unapologetically black, and poet. She is also one of the coolest people I know in New York City. You can read everything she has written on UHH here.

About The Upcoming Hip Hop Podcast

The Upcoming Hip Hop Podcast was created by Upcoming Hip Hop’s founder Matt O to give you the information you need to succeed in the music industry. The podcast will feature small business owners, bloggers, A&Rs, managers, promoters, tastemakers, and more. Week after week guests will bring their own unique perspective to the show that will help you get an all around look at the entertainment and music industry. The guests of the show will be handpicked by the team at UHH so that we can provide you with the most helpful information possible. They may not own the biggest or most popular brands but they will have the experience. A lot of our guests have been doing their thing for more than 2-3 years. The goal isn’t for you to copy their idea but be inspired by it and create something great of your own.


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