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Why You Should Sign Up for Next Big Sound Right Now

Why You Should Sign Up for Next Big Sound Right Now

I am always on the lookout for great websites, software, and/or apps so when I came across Next Big Sound, I knew I found the next big thing. Data and analytics are becoming so important in the music industry that it's time everyone starts taking it seriously whether you are an artist, producer, A&R, manager, or even a fan. And we have seen this coming for years now. If you have a SoundCloud Pro account, you get to see all of your data. If you have a Facebook page, you can see all of your data. More and more sites are making analytics available to their users and it's more important than ever. If you know the exact age rage, demographic, location, etc. of who is listening to your music, you can target similar users and gain even more fans. There hasn't been an easier time to know who likes you but having to go to all these different sites can be time consuming and reading the data can be confusing. That's where Next Big Sound comes in. The free data-driven website, allows you to create a profile and add your data sources by simply entering your social media @ names. Setting up your page takes less than 5 minutes.

Next Big Sound is the leading provider of online music analytics and insights, tracking hundreds of thousands of artists around the world. As part of Pandora, they deliver powerful analytics tools used by music makers, labels and marketers looking for data and insights about artists and their fans. 

So why should you sign up? If you didn't already gather the importance of data from the paragraph above, you clearly aren't taking your music career serious enough. One of the main reasons you should sign up is because labels, blogs, and A&Rs keep an eye on who is trending on Next Big Sound. This could be your big chance to get discovered. Another reason why you should sign up is to find who is engaging with you and your music, all in one place. The last reason to sign up is because of their blog. They publish fantastic articles about the music industry and how data is changing it.

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