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[Premiere] "By Your Side" - Nicky Fresh ft. TyCo

[Premiere] "By Your Side" - Nicky Fresh ft. TyCo

We are excited to bring you Nicky Fresh's new music video featuring TyCo before anyone else. "By Your Side" is a love song that anyone who has a loved one will enjoy. The New Jersey artist takes us to the west coast, California specifically, for the video to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Shout-out to the video director, Director Gambino, because the visuals are crisp and the color is perfect. Nicky Fresh is working with the right people because TyCo does his thing with the beat and hook too. I really like the direction Nicky Fresh is taking his music and brand. He has been creating quality tracks that could catch mainstream attention. I'm assuming that's what his upcoming album is going to sound like. It's up on iTunes for preorder if you want to check it out.

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