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4 Things To Do When Your Music Gets Posted on a Blog

4 Things To Do When Your Music Gets Posted on a Blog

Congrats, your music has been posted on a blog. It is the first of many steps that you need to conquer before you "make it". As an upcoming artist, you might feel like you need to chase after blogs and get their attention. You shouldn't have to. It is fine to submit your music but get back to creating. Blogs should come to you and they will once you start building a buzz. But I get it. You have been making music for years and want some type of recognition. So what do you do when you get posted on a blog? This is what you do.

Thank The Blog

The first thing you should do when a blog posts your music is to thank them. Blogging isn't the most rewarding job but it can be when an artist is truly thankful. Sometimes the artist doesn't even retweet the link. This can be frustrating for a blogger and might hurt your chances of getting your next song featured. When an artist says thank you, it makes us bloggers feel appreciated. It might even increase your chances of getting posted again. Don't forget to read The Power of “Thank You”

TIP: Publicly thank the blog via Twitter by tagging them.

Post The Blog Link On Your Social Media

So know that a blog has posted your music and sent it out to their network, it's time for you to do the same. This actually kills two birds with one stone (figuratively speaking). It shows your fans and followers that blogs are picking up your music. AND it shows the blogger that you are grateful by sending people to their website. Make sure to tag the blog as well so they know you are showing love. A good practice is to post it (on Twitter) more than once as well. Try posting it the day of, two days later, and then one week later.

TIP: Share the blog post on all of your social media accounts. Try boosting it on Facebook so all your fans can see.

Comment On The Post

This one gets overlooked by a lot of artists. A simple "thank you" or longer message of appreciation can go a long way. It will also show the blogger that you actually went to their site, took the time to read the post, and took action.

TIP: Go to the blog post and comment something. Mention something from the writeup.

Save The Link For Your EPK And/Or Website

Every blog your music gets posted on is another opportunity for you to show your audience your potential. There is now a link to a post with your music on it that will live on the internet forever. If you have a "media" section on your website, make sure to put the link there. It's also smart to include the best blog features in your EPK. This could help you get booked at more venues or get signed. Something to keep in mind.

TIP: Feature your best writeups in your EPK.

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