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[Premiere] '5AM on Myrtle Ave' - Chocolate Brown & BK Hippy (Prod. KidNamedNOVA)

[Premiere] '5AM on Myrtle Ave' - Chocolate Brown & BK Hippy (Prod. KidNamedNOVA)

When I first heard that three of my best friends were making a project together, I was HYPED. They first mentioned it to me in October of last year but like most ideas we have, I didn't think it would become anything. Lucky for me they made it happen and 5AM on Myrtle Ave was the result. When I asked them who was going to premiere it they all looked at me and laughed for a good two minutes. Clearly they wanted me and Upcoming Hip Hop to premiere it. We are actually releasing it exclusively on our SoundCloud page which is very cool. I couldn't be happier about this. I've watched them work in the studio, freestyle at events, and even helped them shoot videos. So it's awesome watching how much they have grown.

Chocolate Brown and BK Hippy are two of the most Brooklyn kids I have ever met and it shows on 5AM on Myrtle Ave. They kept it Brooklyn by linking up with the Brooklyn producer/rapper, KidNamedNOVA. The 5-track EP starts with the title track "5AM" and sets the tone for the project. "Papis N Ahk$" comes second and it's an ode to all of the bodega owners and how they always keep it 100. I'm not going to say much about the EP because I am bias but I urge you to take a listen.

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