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[Event Recap] District 5 Presented by Vapor Trails Music & Truisms

[Event Recap] District 5 Presented by Vapor Trails Music & Truisms

A few months back I ran into Herby at Team Backpack's live cypher event and we got to chatting about other events. He told me about an event he was putting together with Vapor Trails Music and Truisms that would take place in Brooklyn. That event happened last night and it was doper than I could have ever hoped. It wasn't a showcase. It was a concert. A special one at that. Every artist that performed at District 5 received enormous support from the crowd, whether they knew the artist or not. Many of the artists were actually from DC. This gave me so much hope for the upcoming hip hop and art scene in New York City. It's not that often that you find events like these so I was very happy to be in attendance and capture some of the nights best moments on camera. Big shout-out to Herby for helping plan it, Fun for hosting, Boston Cherry for DJing, MoonWannie Manifestions for supply incredible jewelry, the various artists who supplied inspiring art, the artists who painted live, and all the artists who performed.


I feel like District 5 was executed as well as it was planned. The event started on time, all the artists were there for their sets, Boston Cherry had everyone dancing, the vendors sold stuff, and there were no bad vibes. The vibes were actually incredible. There was so much love and peace in the room, I felt very comfortable. I also met a lot of great people last night that are excited to build with Upcoming Hip Hop this year and into the future. Last night was one of those nights I will never forget.

District 5

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