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[Event Recap] Dave East, Tray Pizzy, & Jadon Perform at Webster Hall 2016

Yesterday, Matt O and I attended a show at The Studio at Webster Hall featuring one of the hottest upcoming hip hop artists out: Dave East. It was a pretty packed crowd and all the performers got the fans turnt and into their music.

Jadon at Webster Hall NYC

Jadon started off the show with some really amazing energy. He had a live guitarist and brought out one of his frequent collaborators: Red D Daz. Jadon is fresh off winning Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Jack'N For Beats "We Got Bars" and now he is working as a spokesperson for them. This show was truly a blessing for Jadon and the kid will continue to shine if he keeps on grinding.

Tray Pizzy at Webster Hall NYC

Next up was Tray Pizzy. The Bronx MC has had a lot of buzz generating in the city since he dropped his 50 First Dates mixtape. Tray Pizzy had over 20 heads with him on the stage, representing his Broke & Trippy crew. I actually like Tray Pizzy and love the whole movement of Uptowners that are coming together and making quality hip hop.

Tray Pizzy at Webster Hall NYC

Finally, Dave East pulled up to the scene around 10 PM. I have been wanting to see the El Barrio rapper since the end of last year. He easily is on his way to having one of the best 2016's in Hip Hop. Since he is still promoting his Hate Me Now tape, Dave East only played songs from that project. He actually brought back out Tray Pizzy and they performed "All I know." The crowd starting getting wild. He transitioned into "No Coachella For Me" and the building lost themselves when he performed off stage. Then that was it! Matt and I were pretty upset. Dave East had a hometown show and only played five songs. Apparently everyone's set was only 30 minutes BUT still. Dave East could have easily done an encore or played two to three more songs. For an upcoming artist, I was not impressed by his decision to play limited songs.

If you are a headliner. BE ONE! Play a whole set. Give the people what they want.

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