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[Audio] "Life I Live" - Ox DonEchelon

[Audio] "Life I Live" - Ox DonEchelon

When I first heard this track, no lie, it was instant love; I was just so blown away by the innovation, skill, and gorgeous melodious jazzy beat as though J Dilla himself back to whisper this track into the rapper's heart. Ox DonEchelon's voice reminds a splash of Biggie, but somewhere inside that husky voice you get a unique taste and vulnerability which solely belongs to the rapper.

And the lyrics are just so real: "If I ain't the skills to make it know I got the heart" "Gangbanging had my momma wishin' she didn't birth me / this path it curse me"...just I am so beside myself with joy. This song takes me back to that moment I really fell in love with hip-hop. The magic he conjures is such a blessing. Don't sleep on this young man. Check out his work on SoundCloud.

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