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[Video] "Momma Workin" - Dave East

[Video] "Momma Workin" - Dave East

There is a reason Dave East got signed by one of the best rappers of all time. The Spanish Harlem MC has storytelling wordplay, a street influenced flow, and NYC on his back.

After just dropping "Winners Never Lose", Dave East hits the world with the video for "Momma Workin" off his Hate Me Now project. In the clip, you see a younger version of Dave East bagging up work in his mother's home while she is clocking in. Growing up in NYC, I saw similar events with my stepfather and uncle inside my grandmother's crib. Hell, in the last few years as a hustler, I have bagged up in my mother's apartment and she would come home furious because of the mess I made. New York City is a hustler's paradise so you have to do what you have to do to survive.

I am going to make a strong prediction that next year will be huge for Dave East. He is the best Upcoming Hip Hop artist in New York as I write this. Very proud to report that NYC is coming for the title in 2016.

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