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[Video] "Frenemies" - Prince Radio Ra

[Video] "Frenemies" - Prince Radio Ra

Prince Radio Ra's newest music video "Frenemies" was inspired by a friend’s experience with love, domestic violence, and the thin line that some experience between love and hate. Prince Radio Ra is a Queens-based rapper with a conscience, as he aims to bring domestic violence to the forefront of people’s minds with his new video which was produced by Digital Beats. His upcoming release L.O.V.E. (Loving on Violent Edge) is set for release in 2016.

After a close friend was struggling with a broken heart, Prince Radio Ra watched him spiral quickly downwards and become unable to eat, sleep, or think rationally. Eventually this friend engaged in violent behavior with his former partner and is now serving time in prison. This event sparked the release of "Frenemies" and the discussion around domestic violence and how it can affect those involved. Prince Radio Ra is no stranger to the local New York hip hop scene and reps his borough proudly. He has the typical ‘New York’ style of music with AfroPunk sensibilities. It’s in your face, loud, and commands attention, while addressing important social issues in an intelligent manner.


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