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[Audio] "Bout the Doe" - Smoke Skwad

[Audio] "Bout the Doe" - Smoke Skwad

Smoke Skwad members Spek Show and PZ Tyse team up for a grimy, old-school Hip-Hop track titled “Bout the Doe.” Spek Show and PZ Tyse go back and forth over Czar's head-bobbing instrumental.

You would think Spek would have a west coast vibe being born and raised in Inglewood, CA but he comes with east coast flows and delievery. No surprise, then, that Spek flows so naturally alongside Tyse, who calls Teaneck, N.J. home but has roots in Harlem and Los Angeles.

It was actually in greater L.A. where the two met back in the day, recording tracks together as part of Smoke Skwad, and realizing how well they complement each other. Their knack for collaborating is instantly apparent when you hear them trade verses packed with like-minded energy, grit, and wordplay on “Bout the Doe.”

The gruff-voiced Spek notes that he’s been a problem since Slick Rick rapped “La Di Da Di” in ‘85, and that’s no bullsh*t—he recently ended a 16-year bid for bank robbery charges. The hunger that built during his time behind bars is evident, as is his ability to balance tough talk and lighthearted rhymes. Those qualities receive an ample boost from Tyse, who kicks off the track with a verse that’ll have you laughing all the way into Spek’s sing-song hook.

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[Audio] "Bout the Doe" - Smoke Skwad

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