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Flash Crystal: The New Way To Share Music

Flash Crystal: The New Way To Share Music

Flash Crystal: The New Way To Share Music

Written by Matt O @boardinogilvie

I was at A3C Conference and Festival this year and was getting handed a bunch music in the form of CDs, flash drives, business cards, and others but only one stood out to me; a sharing device called the Flash Crystal. It looked like a normal key chain accessory but it is much more than that. You can hold the Flash Crystal up to an Android phone and it will instantly load your newest mixtape, Instagram, or any URL. The other side of the Flash Crystal has a QR Code so iPhone users can get access to the information. They are currently working on a more efficient technology for iPhones so expect that soon. With computers removing their CD-drives and USB ports, this technology couldn't have come at a better time. The Flash Crystal Technology is the future of digital media file sharing and music distribution.

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Flash Crystals are portable, crystalline devices that can be used to initiate the wireless transfer of various types of media including music, documents, photos, portfolios, and direct contact information. Flash Crystals give artists a promotional advantage and restrict piracy. The devices themselves do not contain digital media per say, but through Near Field Communication (NFC) users are directed to media stored online. The device itself is essentially a key that upon first pass would permit the user to enjoy the entire album streamed as a preview. As we continue to develop our product for mainstream artists, subsequent passes of the “Flash Crystal” over the same user’s device will prompt the user to purchase a digital copy. Therefore, the technology isn’t quite physical media, rather an innovation of physical and digital media into hybrid media distribution.

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