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[Album Review] 'House in the Hills' EP - Cal Scruby

[Album Review] House in the Hills EP - Cal Scruby

[Album Review] 'House in the Hills' EP - Cal Scruby

House in the Hills EP by Calscruby
Reviewed by Matt O @BoardinOgilvie

Cal Scruby. "Where to begin?" is what I thought when I first sat down to write this. I first came across Cal Scruby just over a year ago when a friend sent me his track "Game 6." I was instantly hooked. From the confidence in his bars and to on point delivery, Cal is proves he is a talented rapper. The next song I heard was "Wondergirl" which I also liked right away. I honestly didn't think he would be making hits with Chris Brown one year later. But on September 4th, Cal Scruby released a eight track EP, House in the Hills, that features Chris Brown, Treover Jackson, and Sevyn Streeter. I felt the need to give it an honest and thoughtful review since I've been a fan for a while now and respect him as an artist.

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The House in the Hills EP starts off with slow raps over a smooth beat as Cal raps about his dreams and explaining that his time is now. I enjoy albums that have a slow start and pick up in the next couple tracks like this one does. "Runnin'" definitely sets the pace for the first half of the EP with a chill vibe and real lyrics. This song preps you for what is about to come. "Michael Bay" named after the American filmmaker, comes next. Cal Scruby comes out with a dope flow in the first verse switching it up halfway through. Cal calls out his haters and doubters in this track who are now trying to hit him up; "No time to talk, I'm blowin' up." He seems to have dedicated himself to music which is something I like to see.

"I'm changing my number, I gotta get back to the business."

The third track on the EP "Ain't S**t Changed" features Chris Brown and it's a banger.  This track should be in rotation at every club in the country. Chris Brown gives Cal multiple shoutouts throughout his verse. I haven't heard Chris Brown rap this hard in a long time. I'm pretty sure their connection came from the good people over at Riveting Entertainment; a LA based multi-award-winning production company.Cal Scruby comes back with another verse and yet another flow. "Smoke and Mirrors" starts with a short a cappella of Cal Scruby talking about driving an Aston Martin recklessly. He then goes into a verse about people not understanding what level he is at and he has a point. He is living in LA, making quality music, working with industry professionals, and becoming a professional rapper.

Cal Scruby starts out with straight bars on "Pause" and continues with heavy lyrics through the first verse. He gets honest with the fans talking about drinking, smoking, and being reckless. The rhymes come in the second verse along with a smooth flow. "Wasted" comes next and it's also a banger. This was the first single I heard off the album and when I did, I preordered the EP. Cal Scruby shows his talent throughout this entire song from a catchy hook to fast raps and unique flow. This might be my favorite song on the album. The video is dope too. Watch below.

Cal slows it down with "Submarine" featuring Sevyn Streeter. The transitions from the hook to the verses are so smooth. I would like to hear more songs from these two in the future. This song sounds like it is for the ladies. The last track on House in the Hills EP is "Going Off" which features Trevor Jackson and Cal shows off his skills once again. It is a great finish to a quality EP.

This EP needs to be recognized for what it is. Quality music. I enjoyed (and still enjoy) listening to House in the Hills EP front to back. Cal Scruby proves that he is versatile and talented as a rapper throughout the project. I am definitely looking forward to more music.

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